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We are working to combine shopping and entertainment together in full to leisure and fun atmosphere for all the family members and to provide all the requirements to suit all members of the family and we are in the business of desalination center to provide real model for shopping centers to be regarded as our heartbeat of Street sweetener for the city of Jeddah and visit us cherish Welcome .

  • About the Center

  • When you decide to go shopping, you have to go in your car to the most important and most famous street in the city of Jeddah, namely Tahlia Street is a commercial desalination center in the heart of Tahlia Street site and is considered the center of the most important commercial centers in Saudi Arabia, its strategic location on Tahlia Street, which amounts to the total center area of 19 547 ..oatkon the center of the three-story parking up the capacity to absorb as many as 4,000 car parking and the main entrance to the center of Tahlia Street with an additional three entrances to provide easy navigation for visitors inside the center.

  • Objectives

  • Of our goals to achieve fun for visitors by providing a unique code services next to shopping for visitors inside the center keen to provided Chapel hall for women, as well as the presence of the Passport Office and the Office of Services for government action and the numerous and pharmacy ATMs and office customer service and staff security and safety.